Wade’s experience in building ambulances dates back to the early 1990’s. We build the highest quality bespoke ambulances in various sizes and configurations to suit wide ranging customer needs. 

Extensive computer modelling plus exhaustive field testing ensures our ambulances are not only fit-for-purpose, they provide the highest level of safety, hygiene and comfort to drivers, and patients alike. 

Key capabilities:

  • Full design and build fulfilment
  • Graphic/livery design and application
  • Replacement graphic/livery stickers for fix-ups
  • Extensive experience with ambulances
  • Highly collaborative design process
  • 3D scanning and design
  • ISO certifications

Carl Fitzwater
Operations Manager – Commercial Vehicles

+64 21 151 3900 

Patient Transport
Mobile Clinic
Rapid Response
Wellington Free has worked with Wade group for many years, the quality and finish of our fleet vehicles is superb, Carl and the operations team at Wade Commercial Vehicles are friendly and no idea big or small is impossible. Carl and the team always come to the party with amazing products, would highly recommend.
Matthew Noon
Fleet Manager - Wellington Free Ambulance