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Demands on a police car are high – the car must perform, and be usable and reliable, in a huge range of situations. The New Zealand Police have chosen Wade Group to fit-out their next generation of Holden police cars. This is their main operational (or Prime 1) vehicle and involves fitting-out several hundred cars per year for a number of years.

We are a ‘one stop shop’ for Police vehicle fit-out. We have the in-house capability and experience to handle all aspects of a vehicle’s fit-out. With our approach there is no overhead cost, or loss of time or quality, through subcontracting out aspects of the build.

Police were attracted to our in-house capability and the innovative simplicity, proven world- class componentry and impeccable attention-to-detail we bring. This, combined with proven ongoing maintenance and service, ensures the best whole-of-life value for the Force’s car fleet.

For unsurpassed quality, drive a Wade

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